I know damn well I wasn’t the only one that had a massive crush on Bonkaz back ah day! “Lonely” and “Mine” still get spun in my playlist… and true we don’t really see or hear from this man until he wants us to, I can only assume he must be “Sleeping In The Studio”… see what I did there? •bogles• Aight well, I might be crazy but our MCM is Bonkaz!


“Approaching the music sphere with an advanced mentality, fused with a suave, original sound he knows how to maintain, Bonkaz is more than ready to take on the scene. Bonkaz, who grew up in south London, explained that when he was growing up, it was a time where urban music culture was represented by the birth of the grime scene and by generational ambassadors such as Kano and Mike Skinner and artists of their stature had a huge influence on his creativity in his early stages as an rapper. As he got older he also connected to US rapper Kendrick Lamar so much so, Bonkaz recorded a cover to the rappers single ‘I Love Myself’ along with a video that went on to amass more than 30,000 views. However back at home, media outlets such as SBTV and Link Up TV were co-signing Bonkaz and then he appeared on BBC’s 1Xtra’s Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth series, which only propelled the young rappers burgeoning career further.

Along with support from UK rap veterans Wretch 32, JME and more. Initially, Bonkaz started spitting over grime beats and tempos but as he developed and refined his talent, he realised that he could be a lot more expressive through rap. This experiential process meant that as an artist he was growing and this is where his unique mentality was conceived. His collaboration with Renz on the ‘No Boys Allowed’ EP, a five track project released towards the end of 2014 earned him a massive wave of supporters whilst cementing him as a one to watch for the New Year. Following the noise from ‘NBA’, Bonkaz follows up with his banger “We Run The Block” produced by the biggest hit-makers of the moment, The Heavytrackerz, the result of challenging the status quo, led #WeRunTheBlock to go viral across social media. Premiered on Bang FM the track then quickly gained support from the likes of Annie Mac, Toddla T, Huw Stephens, Charlie Sloth, Mistajam and DJ Target on Radio 1 plus heavy rotation from specialist BBC 1Xtra DJ’s Sian Anderson, Semtex and DJ Cameo that lead to the track reaching the B list on 1Xtra’s playlist. As a young name in the scene that is attracting a lot of attention, Bonkaz has become one of the ambassadors for the ‘new generation’ and is constantly labelled as one of the pioneers of this new wave.”

Following on from “Quality Control 2.0” it looks like Bonkaz is hinting (via his refreshed Instagram page) at drop for this year – “Forgive Me When I’m Famous 2”. Sporting dyed hair and a pink tracksuit, he has gotten people talking about his new look as well as creating a buzz with his animated clips of his soon to be released tracks. If his previous work is anything to go by, this is due to go just as hard!

Follow Bonkaz:

Instagram: @officialbonkaz

Twitter: @Bonkaz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialbonkaz/

Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/bonkaz

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BonkazVEVO

For another dose of Bonkaz – check out an earlier interview with DJ Dubl: https://youtu.be/6AmzRpHGY4A


Words in italic courtesy of MOBOs.

Words in standard written by Chellz.