Our Monday kicks off with some powerful, poetic flows from ink that still flows thanks to the hand that guides the pen, despite it being broken… Let me introduce you to Brokenpen.

Yoooo my friend! Blessings for taking some time out for me… Despite attending poetry workshops with you and bumping into you at the odd event – I’ve never actually asked you any of these questions until now so I’m intrigued!

What age did you get into music and poetry?

I was 18 when I started writing but I was extremely dead! Oh my, I was dead! Dead MCs even questioned if I should even try… which naturally made me wanna go harder!

LOL nah don’t crack me up this early!

I started doing poetry since school because I love writing in general and I’ve performed here and there but I’ve been doing it properly since November 2017.

That’s mad… because seeing you create in the workshops and perform – it’s like you have been doing this “properly” for years!

Why do you do the style you do?

To be real I don’t even feel like I have a style. I just let it flow and the way it comes out I just give all thanks to the Most High and keep flowing.

What or who inspires you?

So many things… life itself is so grand. I find it hard to just list things. I draw inspiration from what ever impacts my reality.

Yeah, to be honest, whenever I ask this question this seems to be the overall agreed answer…

How did you come up with your artist name & what does it stand for?

I have lines that best describe it; “My pen breaks everytime that I start writing… from the weight of my life it’s exciting, emerging from the darkness just to realise you’ve always been enlightened” and “I’ve had a broken mind, a broken heart and a broken sense of what’s important… I never truly fixed myself until I used my broken pen to write my wrongs for an audience”.

Aaayy! Wordplay! “Right my wrongs” became “write my wrongs!” Love that! Love the fact that you explained your name with poetry – that just sums you up perfectly!

Which project are you most proud of and why?

Currently it’s my video “The Leap” that is on my YouTube channel. I’ve had it played in schools and the feedback I’ve had from the youth has been amazing. the fact that i can inspire the minds of the future generations is a gift and i’m grateful.

Future projects (don’t have to give too much away here – maybe just a future goal) -i’ve got a self titled ep in the works and a few visuals to come very soon.

Any other talents that people may know you for (for eg. Modelling, acting, etc – if so, just give a small paragraph here outlining your talent & again, the age you started, why & any plans to advance upon it) – i do impressions if that’s even a talent i dance and draw but i fell off abit lol. I’m well versed in theatrical entertainment mainly comedy but i can play a serious role.

Random or fun fact about you – i speak 3 languages and i can say any word in any accent exactly as its supposed to be said, try me lol i haven’t failed yet.

Final positive affirmation (can be one you personally live by or just something you wish to express to your supporters / anyone reading) –  “You can take it all.. I will use the nothingness, the blank canvas; to paint a picture with so much depth, your eyes will drown. Trying to figure out how I swam through the struggle. I am an overcomer” – Brokenpen

Follow Brokenpen here:

Instagram / Twitter: @brokenpen_

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC4ujiY-PHvg67obQCCIJ4sA