This weeks MCM is the handsome and talented Jo Jordan! “Jo is short for Jordan, which is my first name. My surname begins with O, so my initials are J – O. I put that together and came up with ‘Jo Jordan’ ”. He started making music at the young age of 15 years old. Growing up he was really into RnB and he says it was “just something that I loved listening to”. In turn that helped to shape and inspire the music Jo makes today, with his silky runs and smooth harmonies you can definitely see how much this style of music has influenced his own vibe. “Music is something I started when I was 15, in school with a few friends. I always knew I could kind of sing but didn’t ever think of pursuing it as a career. I was more into sports! I ended up pushing it (music) and developing my skills as an artist to this day. It has always been a development process for me and now I’m at a stage where I’m confident in myself and know who I am as an artist.”

When asked about any inspirations he replied: “anyone who has a passion for something and works hard towards achieving greatness!”. Jordan has released two EPs to date: “Chapter 1” and “Late Night Vibe”. He also shared that he is most proud of “Chapter 1” as it was the first complete body of work he’d ever released. This year will see Jo dropping a few singles and he is currently in the process of shooting a music video to one of the singles.

Over time he has performed at numerous events to date that include: The Houses of Parliament, Live at The Bedford, Christmas Lights at Marylebone, Geraldo Jewellery London, Ministry of Sound and most recently a school tour around the UK. Jordan has also been interviewed on BBC Introducing 3 times, Reprezent Radio, West Side and a few others so it is fair to say he is putting himself out there and attracting new audiences with each move. One thing you probably didn’t know about Jo is that he is a lowkey guy! He shared with me “I’m actually a shy person despite coming across confident when im performing!” Definitely fooled me! And probably many others too haha!

As always I love to end by asking my features to share words of positivity… here is Jo’s: “Whatever it is you aim to do in this life make sure you do it as tomorrow isn’t promised and all you can do is leave behind your legacy and memories of you. So just make sure it’s only positive things you have to leave.”

Key words, strong message. And with that said, we at The Hookup would love to thank YOU Mr Jo Jordan for taking time to let us get to know you. Such a pleasure to have you as our Man Crush!