Man like Prince Harry got married and shegged us all by not giving us a next Bank Holiday Monday (May would have been SO LIT!) but never-mind cah we got you with Monday blessings all the same… MCM oouu! Weather forecast says it’s gonna be sunny but I’m giving you a touch of Grey that I’m sure you won’t mind.

Marcus Grey.

See? And the sun is still shining! (You can all admit I have a way with words at this point… I’ll wait.)

I interviewed the soulful singer & grime shooter (listen to “Bob Lee” before you all go nuts thinking he’s out here moving savage) #TT style so we could break down all the shades of Grey.

Bars for days. You lot will respect me. *sigh*

Chelly: Suh wahum King… tell us what age you got into music?

Grey: I have always loved music, for as long as I can remember my parents were heavily in the church so I was that kid who when I had to be at church I would sit near the musicians and just vibe. I got into my own music from the age of 18.  But started to take it seriously a year ago.

Why you do the music you do?

For me, its therapy as a man, it’s so hard to open up emotionally and music has always been my preferred method of release. Over time I’ve felt like when I sing its resonated and so, what I say also has to resonate. Especially when I rap, I want my words mixed with my flows and my concepts to hold weight, not just as words but to hold the same weight when coupled with melodies and a wider perspective.

Hhmm, that well-rounded overall feel? I hear you… What or who inspires you?

Life. Failure… Love… Anger… The feeling of not being able to express my words in person but the knowledge that I can so effortlessly seem to explain / elaborate myself whilst using the medium of music. I really am a hippy *laughs* I’m inspired by so much that I try and let the concept of what I’m working on dictate the path my inspiration takes me. Artist wise I’m a soul kid, who grew up and fell in love with grime, and as a teen was raised on RnB and soul. So, if I listed artists I could be here for days *laughs*.

Yes! That’s what poetry is for me! Or even writing… I struggle to say things out loud but write it down and BAM magic!

So, how did you come up with your artist name & what does it stand for?

I actually, many moons ago, produced under the moniker “Grayscale The Beatsmith” (*laughs* I know it’s a long name).

Sound like a Viking rudebwoi *laughs*

The name came from my love of all things visual and noticing that when anything is in black and white or grayscale as an image it contrasted well, there is so much more detail and depth. There are times I went under the nickname “Mista Marcus” (*laughs* shout out my Brunel days). But I wanted a change and to start my journey as me. And so I mixed the two – my name ‘Marcus’ & ‘Grey’.
*nods* makes sense!

The aim of my music is whenever you listen to me, be it singing or rapping, you felt it in a range of shades from white to black, as used in a monochrome display or print-out. Just like an image in grayscale. I am Grey.

Give us a rundown of your journey so far, because to say you have only been taking music seriously for a year, you have been known and doing things long before that…

Right now – I’d just say follow my journey and expect some dope work to come. If you search online you might find some old school Mista Marcus Gems out there… but as an artist, I really have tried to keep everything under wraps till it is time. In one year of taking music seriously so much has happened and so now as we are in year 2 – this is album time for me.

Which project are you most proud of and why?

So cliche but… what is to come. If I had to look to the past, I would say my favourite body of work I’ve put out (because my computer is just a hard drive of unreleased finished art *laughs*), is ‘The Naked Truth Volume 2’ because I felt like “yes, this is me!”. That project set the precedence for my mindset and also serves as a prelude to the upcoming tape I have, ‘Introspective Thoughts’. I found myself during the project [The Naked Truth] realising what I wanted music to mean to me… and so, all the new music to come excites me so much. And this doesn’t even touch the surface of what is to come, that isn’t just my solo project. I also have things to come as part of the collective ‘#TheWoods LDN’.

Any future projects?

 I’m getting ready to drop my first real project ‘Introspective Thoughts’, which is a double-sided Visual Album. Filmed & edited by myself. Sonically, Side A is my soul singing self featuring my rap self, whilst Side B is my Rap / Grime self featuring my soul self.

Sounds dope! Given yourself a lot of work but I guess it combines all your interests into one complete project so again, makes sense…

In regards to networking and building your name, how have you gone about that?

It has been a blessing having certain people, outlets and people who just organically support my journey thus far. Firstly, I’d like to shout out ‘The Hookup‘. When I started taking my music seriously this was the first show that I decided to do as a solo artist. The platform is also invaluable to the culture… So thank you to them.


I hate going through accomplishments because I believe until you reach and surpass your goals it’s just talking. But from day 1, I’m grateful to those who organically support and really listen and push my music. From Nadia Jae on The Beat London, Reprezent Radio, Climax Radio, Slam Radio 93fm, Guavs & CoCo, to the Mutivili Team and also anyone I’ve missed out. Finally, I ended last year (2017) with a nomination from GRM DAILY at the GRM RATED AWARD and established dope friendships with fellow artists and producers.

In a year ya’know! Mawd!

Any other talents that people may know you for? You’ve kinda alluded to certain interests and skills so maybe people have guessed by now if they didn’t already know

Erm… I actually am a video director, content creator & editor. So when I’m not in the booth or songwriting, I am behind a camera filming short films, documentaries and the occasional music video under a different moniker *laughs*. So yeah! I am grateful to God for making me a creative.

Embrace your talents yo!

Tell us a random or fun fact about you?

I am part of 2 separate collectives of Brothers called FBP & The Woods. I can’t lie to you, being a member of these groups feels like being part of the real-life Avengers! In a world where everyone looks negatively upon things it’s dope to know my bros have and will always have my best interests and that brotherhood, as a man, is important because I feel like when you surround yourself with great energies – it means more. Shout out my bros and sisters dem! *laughs*

And finally… give us a positive affirmation…

JUST LIVE! As a Man – be the narrative you wish to seek within yourself. And as a Woman – never feel the need to let your crown be shifted on your head… You are a queen.

Wheeeeel! Thanks for stopping by!

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