The Kid Is Fxcked. His words. TKIF. His name. Hello! You only need to listen to his bars, read his blog posts, captions or tweets, listen to his interviews or talk directly to him to find out why. Kick, Push to today, he is our MCM and you can read about him here!

Truth Is… in 25yrs, it is fair to say Omar has been through a lot. Using his platforms to speak openly about his childhood, mental health battles (depression and anxiety), homelessness, losing loved ones and his fights to hold on to his love of music. Along this journey he has gained respect and a strong following (who he fondly calls “The Kids”).

These days, Omar is a well recognised man for many things (green dreads anyone?) – but many are only just finding out that he started in music. His only solid body of work to date has managed to carry him through for four years. Now, whilst day one supporters have continuously encouraged him and waited patiently for new material, new fans have been able to see what The Kid is about. Self-described soul singer / rapper, his 11-track “Heartbreaks & Lyrics” EP is filled with RnB, Neo-Soul and Jazzy Piano notes and hip-hop flows. With every song written by him alone, it is exciting to know that as an Abstract unsigned artist he is more than capable of penning gems like “Hey Beautiful” – with over 55k streams on his soundcloud it is by far his most popular song in his whole musical journey! Showcasing both his vocals and rap flow it is clear why it is most people’s favourite. Second most popular is another smooth flow “She Got Me Feelin” with 23k streams and you really get a sense of his range and jazz influences. “Your Soul” features a smooth sample from Flying Lotus which Omar compliments easily and by this point giving listeners a clear understanding of his inspirations and versatility. Despite not having one video to any of his songs, Heartbreaks & Lyrics is a strong testament of his talent and creativity as a songwriter, singer and rapper.

Heartbreaks & Lyrics (2014)

Outside of H&L, TK has formed a few Smoke Trails by writing a handful of singles by way of experimenting and ensuring his productivity stays alive whilst planning and gathering new sounds and feels for future projects as well as dealing with hardships along the way. “Foreplay” is probably his sexiest sound so far which is a stark contrast to the more mellow moods heard on Heartbreaks & Lyrics. In April 2016, he featured in a GUAPCYPHER alongside Society of Alumni. Following the shocking death of his dear friend Knight in Sept 2016, Omar took a moment to write and dedicate a song to him titled “KnightForever”.

Also in September 2016, before the green hair dye, Omar graced our tv screens on E4 (before The Big Bang Theory) as part of a Hungry House advert alongside good friend Puffy Lowe. The advert proved a hit and has been renewed three times since, each running at 6 months air-time.

March 2017 saw the cast of BKChat LDN shaken up by new members. The Kid being one of them. Having caused a huge madness in his audition debates with his straight talking, valid points, confidence and witty one-liners, he quickly impressed many and became a firm favourite. As we all know, viewers / social media can be fickle and one wrong sentence can split opinions. Cue Omar also getting a taste of being the Savage BKChat villain due to his sometimes controversial outbursts. Taking it all in his stride he continued to be himself, speak openly and grab opportunities along the way.

With a keen interest in modelling and acting and with many new brands eager to work with him, Omar has been seen rocking brands such as Dichino, SOG Clothing, Woosh, Comme Moi, 101Clothing, Retrovinspecs, Gunna Drinks, Artell, Palladium and most recently Playdot Apparel and Ace Empire GH. In June 2017, he was front cover for Nu People Mag, where he spoke frankly about his mental health battles, his music journey, growing up in Ghana and his aims in life.

Having performed at many open mics, music platforms and as a guest act at various events over the years, The Kid finally, Finally, FINALLY held his own headline show, Omar TKIF Presents: “The Kids” at Birthdays (Dalston) in May 2017 and sold out! It all came together in that moment as he walked out to a packed room full of people chanting his name, clapping and cheering. As he graced the stage, for 2 whole minutes all he could do was smile and shake his head in disbelief and gratitude as the crowd continued to shower him with support. He explained his journey, had 250 people loudly singing the chorus to “Hey Beautiful” which again brought him to back to smiling in surprise. A sweet moment saw his mother (known to The Kids as “Mama TK”) saying how proud she was, thanking everyone for supporting him and showing where he got his musical gifts from as she sang the chorus acapella. TKIF dropped serious bars acapella – proving he definitely is “not just a singer” and impressing everyone in there with his wordplay and metaphors. Halfway through, Omar poignantly held a one minute silence for Knight and the audience respectfully fell silent with him. The headline show gave way for him to perform songs he had created in late 2016 such as heavy bass-lined “Cheqk” and another crowd pleasing sing-along “Wonder” which was penned in 2015. Wildest moment of the night was his final song, “Ric Flair”. The Kids gave as good as TK did, jumping and shouting the lyrics back at him before erupting into a wave of pure gas. If no one knew who he was before then, before BKChat and before Hungry House… they did now!

Picture taken by: Ernest Simons

2018 Omar has rounded off Season 3 of BKChat, performed at various events, modelled for and promo’d a few more brands… before boarding a plane. Anyone that has read or listened to his interviews or tuned into his random (yet at times insightful) insta lives, will be aware that it has been a whole decade since he was last back home in Ghana. For the past almost 3 months, Omar has been making a solid name for himself in Accra with meet and greets, radio interviews, rocking local brands clothing and working on new material much to the delight of his supporters. Could we see an album this year? Music videos? Another headline show? One thing is certain – he’ll always keep us guessing! Watch this space… WAAAH!

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