MONDAAAAY! Dunno about the rest of you but usually the only mood I’m in on a Monday is miserable *sigh* weekends go waaay too quickly! But when you have mellow vibes from our MCM, I guess it helps the Monday to go a little more smoothly! Londoner Sinclair The Mage is our crush today.

He chooses to be as inconspicuous as possible regarding his age right now (hhm, anyone wanna bait him up?! Lol) but tells me that he got into music from 19, became fully involved from 24 and he was dancing beforehand.

“I do the music I do as an expression of how I feel. I do it to express emotions that men tend to keep locked up. I’m inspired by the people around me, friends and family and the situations they get themselves into as well as my own situations.”

Now, I’ve been wondering about the second part of Sinclair’s artist name. Mage. Bruh! Explaaain!

“Sinclair the Mage was an name I came up with when I used to play a lot of video games, a ‘mage’ was a type of wizard that does magic using all the elements, and I thought it was cool at the time so I stuck with it. Now in music, I guess I want to learn as much as possible to be the best I can be.”

I’m so glad he cleared that up for me because I really thought it had something to do with IMAGE. Don’t act like I was completely lost! None of you lot knew it was about wizardry either lol please!

Sinclair is currently focused on his degree at BIMM London and about to go into his last year (well done getting this far and all the best with your final year!) so, in terms of shows, radio guest appearances, etc, all that has had to take a respectable pause. His work rate still continues however as he has over time produced tracks (some with visuals) such as:

Crazy Girls (Single) – Soundcloud
Till Tomorrow (Single) – Soundcloud

What You Waiting For (Single) – Soundcloud

I Got You (Single) – Soundcloud
Think About It (Single) – Soundcloud
Koala (EP) – Digital Download / Soundcloud
Epitome of Freedom (EP) – Digital Download
Fade (Single) – Digital Download.

Of course, I asked him which project he is most proud of and why…

“I’m most proud of ‘Epitome of Freedom’ and ‘Fade’ because I wrote and produced them. ‘Epitome of Freedom’ was written in a time I longed to be free of my surroundings so it was a personal project… as well as ‘Fade’. It was a personal song in which I expressed things that would be naturally hard to admit.”

Going forward he hopes to drop a new EP, as well as some more singles and videos. All going according to plan he would like for it to lead onto an album and has aspirations to write for and collaborate with more artists. Besides being a talented singer / songwriter, Sinclair has also studied Dance and Performing Arts and has filming skills (he’s directed music videos, dance choreography videos and event adverts). I would say “show off” but over here we applaud all skills and talents so GWAAN WID YA BAD SELF!!

Other hobbies?! “I absolutely love sports. Chelsea FC all the way.”

*blinks twice* Footy fans reading this… I’m not involved init? You can find yourself in his DMs if you wanna discuss that further!

Let’s wrap this up on a good note Sinclair lol positive affirmation please…

“You cannot fail in life if you at least tried to live your dream. When you invest in yourself and what you love, although you may not see rewards instantly, live life in your own time and blessings will follow.”

He shoots, he scores!!

Young wizard… thanks for a spellbinding Monday!

Follow Sinclair The Mage:

Insta / Twitter: @sinclairthemage



Latest single “Fade” out now!