Our MCM this week is man liiiiiike Souls! 26yrs old from South London. City slicker by day, talented artist by night… he took time out to let us into the world he lives in.

Chellz: Whaaaa gwaan?! Busy man, thanks for taking time out. I’ve never actually asked you some of these questions before so I’m gonna be finding out like everyone else lol what age did you discover you were into music?

Souls: Age 5, my Mum caught me playing an imaginary piano on the dining room table as I was eating. She, being the spiritual woman that she is, saw this as a sign from God & bought me an actual keyboard. Since then it’s been non-stop for me.

That is beautiful! If my parents did that for me, I’d of had a drum kit and some nunchucks lol I used to bang on everything, singing my head off and I would fight imaginary villains… don’t judge me!

So why do you do style of music you do? What or who inspires you or your music?

I do the music I do because it’s what I’ve grown up on. It’s the music that speaks the most to my spirit. I tend to mix classical music elements into my music as I grew up loving Handel & Beethoven too but Hip-Hop is the real deal for me. Grime is wavey too. To be honest I’m my own inspiration. In the sense that I’ve had a rough life & not wanting to be in that space again is my inspiration to this. So I guess you could say life is my inspiration.

I can see you sippin Henny reflecting to classical music actually lol smooth guy! And I respect that you draw inspiration from your own experiences. Makes the music authentic and relatable.

Explain your artist / stage name…

 So, my real name is Solomon. Everyone just used to call me Solly or Souls & I just went with the latter as my artist name. Also, I loved Souls because it spoke volumes about the music I wanted to create and the people I wanted to touch.

Can’t argue with that! Makes sense!

Soooo, what you got lined up? Which projects are you proud of?

At present I’ve got a bunch of music videos up on YouTube. My best one being “Whine For Me” which currently stands at 11K views which is the most I’ve ever done so I’m pretty proud of that.


I’m proud of the one I’m creating right now because it’s been two years in the making and it’s nearly done. I’ve got my debut EP dropping in September which is gonna be pretty dope. I believe it’s a game-changer as well because nobody sounds like this that I’ve heard so far & I feel the industry needs someone like me to shift the energy. This EP is going to do that. I’ve had my single “Whine For Me” played on radio stations such as Pulse, DeJaVu FM etc too which has been pretty cool.

Sounds like everything is moving nicely! Can’t say I’m too surprised because I already know the work rate and passion you put in.

Any hidden talents that I / your supporters don’t know about?

I do model here and there but I wouldn’t call myself a model. I would love to eventually get into acting at some point as I’ve had a lot of experience with it previously especially with musical theatre.

Yeah, I’ve been seeing these suave photos popping up recently lol gwaan!

Fun fact??

I’m 6’5 so ladies 🤙🏿

Oh please! LOL

Any last words?

The EP is on the way & I really can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Looking forward to it man. Thanks for being our MCM!

Readers, be sure to check out Souls latest single and video “Erykah Badu” https://youtu.be/hkeWniO8KFE and check where you can find him below!

Follow Souls here:

Insta / Twitter: @SoulsBMR

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFNW70q18XTbufBE3UHSd3A

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/soulsbmr