This weeks #TalentTuesday stars are brother and sister duo, DVTN! Honestly, I am so happy I came across these two because not only are they super talented and have the biggest hearts but their music really touched me at a time I didn’t even know I would need it so much! So for that, it was only right, only natural, only expected that I would show them off to the rest of you! Thank me later!

Chelly: Wha Gwaan DVTN! I’m giddy can you tell? Lol alright, let’s get into it…

At what age did you get into music?

Daniel: 12 Peace: 9

Wow! Babies! Why you do the music you do?

DVTN: We do the music we do because we have a story to tell. We want to be transparent, be able to inspire and bring hope to others. Also the things that we wouldn’t necessarily speak about, we put in our music.

You definitely brought hope to me! Do you know how many times I’ve cried, harmonised with you, got my life?! Lol smh no but for real, your music really is beautifully powerful in many ways!

What or who inspires you?

Daniel: Stevie Wonder is my greatest musical influence as well as my family, life, people, the past and football (Liverpool).

Peace: My mother. She’s very passionate about people and helping others. She uses everything she’s ever been gifted with to help others. She sees the light in everything and she’s always a happy person.

DVTN: What inspires me? Is the ability to rise despite our challenges and our past. I believe that just because you have a hard life, you don’t necessarily have to live in it.

How did you come up with your group name & is there a meaning behind it?

DVTN: We heard a song called Devotion and thought that it really represented what we do.

Simple yet effective, love that!

Give us a peep into what you have been getting up to over the years:

Music: Red – The Beginning Mixtape 2009 Miracle of Hope EP – 2013 The Journey Project EP – 2016

Press: MOBO Awards – Ones to watch 2016, We Plug Good Music , LinkUp TV

You see “The Journey Project” ? *sigh* readers, this is what caused me to become their cheerleader! Lol every other day I was screaming on Twitter about how talented they are, quoting lyrics, thanking them smh I was a mess!

 Which project are you most proud of & why? (One of you better just say what I need to hear! *gives the cold stare*)

Daniel: My most proudest project would be ‘Red’ simply because this was mixed, mastered and recorded in our living room. We learnt on the job, created on the job and had many sleepless nights also. I would say I am proud of it because of what we achieved.

Ok, that IS highly impressive! I can’t be mad at that… however, Peace… don’t let me down!

Peace: For me, it’s ‘The Journey Project’ because I feel like at this point of our music we really began to appreciate and understand ourselves. We discovered our sound and the kind of music that we wanted to do and a lot of people we worked with were in house and very close to us.

Yaaasssss hunni!

Any future projects (you don’t have to give too much away here – maybe just a future goal):

DVTN: We have a new EP coming out this summer. We also have a headline show in July and we’ve also been invited by Jeremy Corbyn to perform at the festival hosted by the UK Labour Party in North London this summer.

Summer time SHINE! Go aaaawf my lovelies! Very well done securing such a gig and I’m gassed now knowing there’s a new EP coming. You know that right?! Like, summer is AROUND THE CORNER!

Drop a list of radio shows / podcasts / big events you have been part of:

– Interview on Pulse Radio – Headlined soulmate online at Camden Assembly – Sold out headline show at Roadtrip & the workshop- Vocal & Verses 7th year anniversary

Any other talents that people may know you for?

Daniel: I’m a photographer, Videographer, Blogger and a public speaker who is very passionate about speaking on mental health.

Peace: I’m a make-up artist, hairdresser, event planner and a vlogger.

So guys, I have a big birthday coming up in August and I wouldn’t mind some dope pics! So erm, what you saaaaying?!

Tell us a random or fun fact about you:

Daniel: I’m a huge Anime fan and I am a diehard Naruto fan

Peace: I’m a YouTube junky.

I’m a DVTN groupie!

Final positive affirmation:

DVTN: Believe in your own sauce and be yourself by any means necessary.

DVTN… it was an absolute pleasure! #TalentTuesdays

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