Talent Tuesdays… I love talent! I love people that embrace their talents… our star this week is one of the most passionate and dedicated individuals I have come across! INxSANIxTY … an intriguing 25 year old artist from Narm (Peckham), South London gave me the insight into his colourful world.

First of all, I know you are always busy doing something so thank you for taking time to share with me and the readers! Let’s create the bigger picture of your world… what age did you get into your chosen field?

I was 22.

Why do you do the style you do?

I believe creating my artistic style was one of the first things that personally made me accept the title of artist. And as such, I couldn’t really do it any other way and feel the same.

What or who inspires you?

A lot of my work is inspired by humanity from social commentary to the human condition and everything around it… but I primarily paint that imagery in reference to my Nigerian, West African heritage.

I love the depth of your thought process. I get a better idea now where you draw so much creativity from and how you combine all the visions together… How did you come up with your artist name & what does it stand for?

You happen to be the first person that has actually asked!

Really?! Lol love that! I thought you’d probably be bored of that question by now! Surely other people must wonder too? Guess The Hook Up readers now have an exclusive!

I will give you the short version: in | sani | ty …

(in) basically means “entry into” and my name is (sani) which means “the knowledgeable one” in Arabic, “the wise one” in Hindu, “the old one” in Native American and it goes on. Lastly, (ty) is “an entity or city” like a location or person. So, the full meaning translates as “entry into knowledge of self”.

That is hard! Nah, the levels are so high! I respect it! The meaning of the name is just as complex as your work! So many layers, perfectly explained! Also, it makes sense to me even more now why you spell your name the way you do! Clever, very clever!

Ok so, time to really blow your trumpet… List all or any of your previous work right up to press.

If you mean actual press coverage, I was in The Evening Standard, I was part of an article about Peckham in the New York Times and I also got something coming with VICE.

You’re really shaking tables with your talent! Those are big platforms! Well done, seriously!

Which project are you most proud of & why?

It’s hard to pick but I would say I am very positive as to how well my recycling project will go (it is basically a DIY initiative I came up with where we use recyclable wood, metal and even glass, it depends, to create art. Then auction the art at the end of the year and then money from that goes straight to charity).

Massive respect to you for such a resourceful and productive venture. Good luck with it!

Any more future projects or goals you can share with us?

I am exhibiting at CLF Art Cafe in June (date is yet to be confirmed) but on the 25th June to 1st July as part of “PemPeople’s Southwark Untold” I will be exhibiting at the “Tate Modern” and the week after from the 9th – 15th July, I’ve got my official annual INxSANIxTY solo exhibition in “10 Point 5 Gallery” in Peckham Levels.

Drop a list of any previous exhibitions / big events you have been part of…

House of Vans, African Centre Festival, Glyndebourne Opera House – as part of the Tour -Art Competition in which I came third place, Church House Westminster – as part of the International Afro Hair Day, The Prestigious Art Gallery, Domus Romana (Rome, Italy) …to name a few.

Yes Sir! Prestigious events it seems, you deserve accolades!

So art aside for a moment, do you have any other talents that people may know you for?

Over the years I have done a lot; from dancing, to music, poetry, styling and even directing. And because almost all my friends are creative too, I really get to do everything but at the moment I am really just creating art. I have 2 shows – one is in the kitchen just cooking and if I had the time it would have already been out but I don’t so it’s clazzy lol and the other one is even further behind, just because I might need some more time… it has to be done right.

Random or fun fact about you…

I was a dancer first before everything. I can play and read music of a number of musical instruments. I was even part of a marching band when I was younger! I am also one of the best chess players you would come across and I give free smoke lol, lastly… I can fly a glider (little plane) solo. I know pretty cool and thank you to the ATC!

Yeah I can’t lie… you’re a very dope individual lol very impressive man!

It’s been good to get a glimpse into the world of INxSANIxTY! I like to end these talks on good vibes… so, any positive affirmations that you live by that you would like to share with us?

So I live by these:

The truth is… nothing is guaranteed. You can do everything exactly how society told you to and still not get to your final goal… so why not make the journey worth it?

I say this statement to point out there is no point being “just another”. Everyone needs to do what they truly love because that way at least you are happy through the journey – good or bad. And as long as you live, you can try and even when it is over if you don’t achieve what you set out to, you could always remember nothing matters and at least the journey would have been worth it.

Powerful words wise one! Thanks for being our Talent Tuesday star!

Follow INxSANIxTY here:

Insta / Twitter: @inxsanixty

Website: https://www.inxsanixty.com

Enquiries: Inxsanixtyart@yahoo.com