This weeks #TalentTuesday is 26yr old Ugandan rapper, Patrin, from NW London (Harlesden).

Chellz: Thanks for taking out for me! I’ve been clocking your name quite recently over social media so I can only assume you are busy, busy, busy! But let’s get into it… what age did you get into music?

Patrin: I wrote my first rap in Year 6 but only started taking it seriously around just over a year ago.

That’s mad! Whenever I speak to people that got into things quite late it makes me reflect. Like by now people know that I’ve been writing poetry since I was 12 but I only started performing last year! Crazy… glad you decided to push your talents though, it’s never too late to be creative!

Why do you do the music you do?

I feel like a vessel… like I can use music to channel a message. As a source it’s powerful, like, you can fully impact someone’s life through music. You either build or destroy, so that’s why I do music the way I do – to build.

Dope! I love that! What or who inspires you?

I wouldn’t say it is actually a person but I could personify it though… if it was a person it’d be like a person who goes through all different forms of life, who experiences the highest highs and the lowest lows of life. Someone that doesn’t know but understands that everything they’re searching for is already there, so yeah… that’s my inspiration.

Just dropping strong messages all over this interview yeah? Lol c’mon!

How you came up with your artist name & what it stands for?

So my artist name is actually my real name. Kyemba too, it’s East African.

Give us a feel of your previous work right up to press:

So, I currently have two projects: “Conscience & Her” E.P (2016) and the most recent is a 12 track mixtape “Time Will Tell”.

Which project are you most proud of & why?

*Laughs* You can’t ask me that!

See if I don’t ask you again! Answer the ting!

I am most proud of… both! I love them equally but we’ll go for “Time Will Tell” because that’s when I started to embrace coming out my cocoon. It has a few of my personal favourites. But “Conscience & Her”, I’m still in love with too though.

See, got there in the end lol and you had a reason as to why!

Any future projects?

I am currently working on another project with no release date yet but in fact I’ll keep that one a surprise! And oh! How can I forget?! I’ve got a poetry book coming out too! I’ll release the release date soon though. I’m excited about that a lot – it’s a new challenge.

This makes me smile! I’m intrigued by this!

Aight man of powerful messages and wisdom and positive affirmations you live by or just something you wish to express to your supporters or anyone reading?

Yeah *grins*

FFS lol

In the words of Jimmy Smith… “Only the real music is gonna last, all that other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow”.

Realest! Patrin, it’s been real!