This weeks #TalentTuesday star is the lovely Penny Belle. 31 years old from West London she is a Youth Leader at Holy Trinity Hounslow, a mentor at RBKC and Head of Gospel Corner (The Colour Network) at BMN. But as of recent, she has been sparking ripples of interest across social media thanks to her blogging powers, where she speaks on being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and how she deals with it. Read on to find out more about this amazingly inspirational woman!

Chelly: What age did you get into your chosen field?

PB: I started my blog just over 2 months ago (same age as I am now).

Why you do the style you do?

– My style of writing? I guess my writing is kinda autobiographical at the moment. Would you call it that? Definitely! I include journal entries in some of my blog posts so people can relate to my real emotions and struggles.

What or who inspires you?

– Honest, loving and caring people who use their platform to help others REALLY inspire me. Grace F Victory is a person who does this. She is very open about the things she goes through and grows through and is always on a mission to share in hopes of healing other people and encouraging them to love themselves. I wish I had a Grace to follow when I was growing into womanhood.

Such a nice thing to say! I think it’s key for many young, impressionable people to have a positive role model of some kind. I also believe that for those that don’t or didn’t, like yourself, it can be up to creatives like you that give people that encouragement and motivation! You’re doing amazing with your recent endeavours.

How did you came up with your creative name / brand name & what does it stand for?

– I love the name Annabelle and the film Beauty and the Beast (the girl is called Belle which means “beauty”). So, I mixed my own name in and got Pennybelle! Lol (My cat is also called Belle but she came after the name! Lol).

Which project are you most proud of & why?

– I have recently filmed a short film on ADHD with an amazing film-maker called Hayley Repton. Proud is an understatement! I can’t wait to share it!

Any future projects you’re working on?

– I will be starting a YouTube channel and a podcast by the end of May the latest. A lot of people who read my blog posts say they really want to get through all of them but can’t focus long enough to read them and also get distracted and forget to come back to it – videos and audio will combat this. Shout out The Inattentive ADHD Crew!

Big yourself up and drop a list of radio shows / exhibitions / big events, etc that you have been part of:

– I took part in a women’s campaign for BBC Stories on International Women’s Day. I also shared my ADHD story on BBC Stories Instagram page. I spoke about ADHD at The Sorority House Goddess Fest Warm Up event on International Women’s day too. I was there, you were really endearing and it was such a great event, I can’t wait for the big festival in summer! I spoke about ADHD with Eddie Nestor on BBC London Live radio. I’m reading some of my blog posts out at an open day at Magic Care Solutions open day on 19th April. They provide high-quality community-based accommodation and support for vulnerable adults. I also spoke about domestic violence on Annika Allen’s Black Magic Podcast.

Random or fun fact about you:

– I used to be sick at football and was captain of a mixed team and was even scouted for competitions abroad but it all overwhelmed and petrified me – especially the thought of going on a plane without my Mum so I hid away for awhile then realised that lipgloss was better than football and didn’t go back to playing! LOL

Final positive affirmation:

– When I feel doubtful, I always declare out loud: “I AM BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVOURED”. I used to say it whenever someone asked me how I am. It’s a great reminder.

Some others that I love and try to declare over other people as much as I can are, “you are more than enough”, “believe in yourself and your intuition” and “other people’s opinion of you makes ZERO difference to your life”.

I know for a FACT I’m about to archive these affirmations because these are some powerful words I need to live by! Thanks for taking time to chat with us at The Hookup! Much love!

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