Man like the giant, Remy Martinz, spoke with me this week! A 25yr old singer / rapper from North London, he let us in to who he is and what he is about…

Chelly: What age did you get into music?

Remy: 14

Why do you do the music you do?

I try to do any genre or style of music that best relates to how I’m feeling in the moment it was written.

I feel you on that! That’s basically how I write my spoken word… just give in to the feeling and let it flow.

What or who inspires you?

In terms of musicians, there are none that I can say inspire me! Moreso, they motivate me to be as successful as them. A few artists I do look up to or honour their craft would be; Jamie Foxx, Sampha, DRAM, R.Kelly, 2pac, Bob Marley, T-Pain, Jah Cure and a few others. It’s through listening and revising them that I have been able to implement the best assets of their work (as well as I can) into mine.

Yooo! This list right hurrrr! *claps* Definitely, my kinda vibes. Although, I’d whisper R.Kelly’s name in future LOL mad ting! Smh

How did you come up with your artist name & what does it stand for?

Remy Martinz… people called me Remy as a nickname growing up. Then when I started doing music more seriously, “Martinz” just kind of attached to it. Due to copyright reasons and trademarks when I go on TV or on an entertainment platform such as The Voice or MTV Unplugged, I have to use an alias “Remy SoSav” (So Savage).

*blinks* Do I wanna know where the “savage” part derived from or…? Lol I see you on Twitter still, you’re a menace!

List any mixtapes / albums for people to go check out:

I have no EP’s or mixtapes nor do I have any recent videos out of my teen years on YouTube or any video platform. The reasoning behind this is because I want a steady catalogue of music so that I can be consistent when releasing videos and new songs. All my work has been via Soundcloud and live gigs and performances. I’m doing 9 shows this year so far and I’ve performed in over 100 different venues and 50 different areas in the last 2 years.

Future projects?

The plan right now is to keep building a steady archive of music and videos, also venturing into other aspects of media and entertainment to continue building a gradual following. When the time is right, hopefully, by summer I will have a few new joints to release and engage the listeners.

Looking forward to it!

Big yourself up and drop a list of any radio shows / podcasts / big events you have been part of:

Bang FM, Heat FM, Axe FM, Climax Radio, The Voice live auditions (I got through to production auditions). I’ve worked alongside Emeli Sande, 360 Records, Devlin and Joe Black. I’ve also opened for Skepta at Roundhouse in Camden.

Final positive affirmation:

The sole reason I do music is because I love music and the fact that you can find a song or instrumental to relate to ANY mood you may be feeling… and now I’m trying to add my songs to the possible options.

Insta / Twitter: @RemyMartinz