This weeks #TalentTuesday is my long time homie, RXLLS! Hailing from North London, the ONLY thing I’ve seen change is his name. He has always been talented, humble, focused and the work rate stays on 10.

Chelly: Aight, my G! Let ‘em know… how old were you when you started?

Rxlls: I started making music from a very young age… from about 12 / 13 years old.
That’s when I started writing poetry. Why do you do the kind of music you do?

I make music because not only do I enjoy listening to it but I love how it makes me feel. Being able to express myself through music that feeling is second to none.
I feel you, 100%. Anyone or anything inspire you?

I’m inspired generally by all my life’s experiences, the ups, the downs… all of it can become a song on the right day lol. In terms of artist inspirations – we’ll be here all day! Last 3 projects I took in and lived with was Nipsey Hustle’s ‘Victory Lap’, Daniel Ceaser’s ‘Freudian’ and Sampha’s ‘Process’ album. Currently revisiting NAO – ‘For All We Know’.
I can’t speak on Nipsey but the other 3 yeah? Oouuu! Kind of surprised by that though, I can’t lie lol

So, explain why you decided to change your name! I’ve known you for like 10yrs now so those that have been supporting as long as I have will obviously have noticed the name change but they might not be aware of the reason and meaning.

The name Rolls (short for Rolo) was a nickname from childhood. So, when I started making music again, I wanted to re-invent myself so I replaced the O with an X and didn’t look back.

What you got hiding up your sleeve? I know you’re always up to something lol

Future project is an 8 track project called ‘Lost Soul Voyage’. Been working on this for a little while and went through so many songs! Excited to drop this. Don’t have a release date just yet but it’s coming very soon.
C’mon! Keep me posted… over the years what have you been upto? Performances, radio shows?

Had a nice little performance at 512 two weeks ago, courtesy of Coco & Guavz, alongside some other talented acts. Got a lot of support from various DJ’s and Reprezent and Pulse FM. Also ‘The Beat’ FM.
Any other talents you’re hiding?

As well as rapping and making music something I’ve really got into is songwriting with other artists. I enjoy working with talented vocalists and being able to write with different perspectives, it’s quite fun. When I’m not doing anything music based, I’m probably watching football or boxing.
What is something positive that you live by or tell yourself?

I’d rather have people follow me on my journey than gain a bunch of supporters from 1 hit so I’ll always put all my effort into the projects I make. The music will continue to grow !

Indeed it will Rxlls! Love for being our #TT this week! All the best!

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