Our WCW is my babygirl Antonia! 23 years old from West London hailing from Munich, Germany!

She may be young but she is busy and making big moves! Keep reading to find out more about her!

Chellz: Heyyy beautiful! Pleasure to have you as our WCW this week! I usually highlight music related people because so many people are exploring that avenue, so it is refreshing to feature you! Tell us, what age did you get into your chosen field?

Antonia: I think when I was 20 years old..?! Quite late haha.

Girl, you are 23 lol that isn’t late! In 3yrs you are killing it! I’m 29 and I only started taking things seriously last year so trust me, you’re moving nicely! What or who inspires you?

Women who have accomplished so much in this industry already, and are making major moves. For example Sian Anderson, Rachel Campbell or Rebecca Judd. But also, all the creative individuals in my circle inspire me to keep going because it’s motivating to see them doing their thing and killing it! Also, networking events inspire me a lot because I always seem to find new ideas after attending one.

I feel you on the networking events… I always end up in awe or inspired by the different people I come across.

How did you come up with your brand name & what does it stand for?

So my brand is called “Music & Other Stories”. I don’t even know how I came up with it, it’s such a simple and basic name really but one day it came up in my head and I just went with it. It started out as a normal music blog but now I’m focusing more on events and management.

If it came to you naturally and it fits, then it is meant to be! I like the logo too!

Which project are you most proud of & why?

The launch of my charity event series in April. I have only lived in London for about 10 months so obviously I’m nowhere near established or know that many people yet.

Could have flippin fooled me! The way you whizz around with various meetings and what not lol it’s like you have been here doing this forever!

I was so nervous that nobody would show up or that one of the artists would drop out last minute, just thoughts you have before planning something. But the venue was full. Everything went smooth and I had the best time. I got great feedback too which made me so happy, and encouraged me to plan the next event.

Good for you girl! Keep that same energy moving forward!


Any future projects or events?

My upcoming event! It’s on June 28th and the proceeds will go to the charity MIND which helps those who struggle with Mental Health. There’ll be six dope artists performing, there’ll be a DJ and a host too. I can’t wait. You can buy tickets here: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/musicandotherstories/168540

Also the artists who I manage have got some dope projects coming out. It’s gonna be an exciting year.

That is amazing! I’m hoping it will be a massive success! I love to support anything Mental Health related because it is such a widespread but serious matter. You never know who is going through something…

Any other talents that people may know you for?

Most people know me for my music journalism I think, because that’s how I kind of got into the industry and the reason I met all these amazing artists and creatives around me.

Tell us a random or fun fact about you:

I LOVE pineapple on pizza. Even when I don’t necessarily want to order a Pizza Hawaii I still add pineapple to the ‘extras’ request form sometimes. I don’t understand why people don’t like it!

Smh. You’re trying to start a mid week riot… need to skrrr over this real quick… final words lol any positive affirmation you personally live by or something you wish to express to those reading?

Not everyone is going to support you. Some people will hate on what you’re doing or talk bad things about it behind your back. Don’t waste your time and your thoughts on those people, don’t try to please them – of course, they will come back sneaking into your life once you’ve blown but you don’t need them. The real ones will always support you and that’s what matters!

Yaaassss! Preach Antonia! And the choir sang “#WCW Amen!” and milly rocked up out dis biiiiitch!

Follow Antonia here:

Insta: @antoniaandotherstories

Twitter: @whatantoniadid

Website: http://www.musicandotherstories.com/