This woman has an energy that is so light and pure it is simply impossible to ignore and this is why Dee Ajayi is this weeks WCW! Hailing from Birmingham, her gorgeous melodic tone has seen her constantly up and down the country and listened to across the seas. Her artist name is a shorthand of her Nigerian name. “Dee Ajayi” is short for DJ Ajayi. DJ Ajayi is short for Oladapo Junior Ajayi. “Though Oladapo Junior is a mouthful, I wanted to keep a part of my heritage in my name!”

Dee got into music around the young age of 15. “I’m inspired by the greats – the energy of Louis Prima, the technical skill of Prince, the career solidarity of Beyonce.” Channeling all of that inspiration she went on to network and attend talent shows relentlessly before finally being given an opportunity to feature on Bondax’s work.

“I actually started my performance journey in dance and theatre at the tender age of 8 but I always wanted to sing. The older I got the more modelling I ended up doing and one day – when I finished uni – I stopped myself and decided to go full throttle in music. I love modelling and dance and I’m so happy they still get to be a part of my work.”

Fun fact: She is also a gold medalist cheerleader! She frequently shares these attributes via her social media and incorporates them into her performances: using mood lighting, acoustic sounds, live bands, body paint and glitter, dance and conversing with the audience, she creates an intimate ye welcoming and uplifting vibe for all.

Dee’s work to date includes being the support act / opening act for the likes of: Emeli Sande, Macklemore and The Jacksons. With such high profile events under her belt I wondered what she was most proud of so far in her journey, she answered, “In terms of recording features with Loge21 and Bondax have been incredible but I’d say the project I’m most proud of is “Play My Song” which has reached over 3 million listens on Spotify and charted across the world.”

Very impressive! During her musical career she has also been invited as a guest on Birmingham’s BBC WM and London’s Reprezent Radio a few times. Combining all her passions, Dee is currently recording at the legendary Metropolis Studios, shooting with top models, receiving sponsorship from ASOS and Levis and really embracing such an exciting part of her career. She reflects upon her journey by saying, “I’m in the music industry for a few reasons. 1. It’s a genuine release for me, emotionally and 2. it is where I find most comfort musically, having being brought up around a love for live music, soul, R&B and indie. I have a few singles coming out, all of which are message songs that will bring a warm and inspirational feeling to you. I can’t wait for release!”

As time goes by there is no sign of Dee slowing down anytime soon and it is ever more evident that she will only continue to excel. Her aura propels her to new heights and she utilises every experience and obtained skill to the fullest. With Dee being such a positive person, this time I was highly intrigued to see what affirmations she lives by. On her website she shares a few quotes that resonate with her and today she simply says:

“The words I have been living by that have brought me to a bright and beautiful place in life are this:
P o s i t i v i t y  i s  k e y.”

Love and Light to our Bank Holiday WCW! Secretly,  I think it was Dee that came through with all this sunshine recently!

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