Most popularly known as “Nissy Tee” on social media, this young woman is a serious force to be reckoned with! Intelligent, headstrong, positive and beautiful, she is this weeks WCW! Having started out working in radio as a presenter and producer, she is now a Marketing Manager by day. Outside of that, she made her industry mark as an original BKChat LDN cast member and favourite. Often referred to as “the mother / auntie” (said with absolutely no shade but instead the utmost level of respect) or the “peacemaker / voice of reason” because she quite simply spoke her truth with such poise, honesty and equal respect for all. Since the show, those skills have certainly proved transferrable and she has definitely made a name for herself outside of that platform. Nissy can often be found as a guest speaker at many an event, panel discussion, radio show, podcast, seminars and workshops because of her endearing qualities, offering words of wisdom, tokens of advice, her personal experiences and motivational tips. She has even gone on to win awards for her work. The most recent being the “Future Leader Award” sponsored by HSBC and University of Oxford, presented to her in October 2016, where she ranked number 5 out of 100 of Britain’s most outstanding African and Caribbean students and graduates.

For YouTube users, Nissy is also a Content Creator and has been running her own self-titled channel for three years. She has accumulated a healthy following of over 40k subscribers and received over 2 million views. Via her channel, she speaks candidly about her experiences (such as her time studying at highly acclaimed university, Cambridge) and voices her opinions with a section known as #WakeUpWednesdays. Shedding light on topics such as virginity, projection of fears, weight, learning to be assertive and staying inspired.

BeBoldBeEducated. BEBB for short. “Sharing what they don’t teach you school, what they don’t show you on the news and challenging narratives. To inform, encourage and educate.”

A movement started by Nissy in 2016 that was officially launched in August 2017. It is known that Nissy isn’t afraid to approach and confront topics that others shy away from, she openly supports and speaks on causes such as; Arts and Culture, Poverty, Education, Civil and Human Rights, Equality and Social Action as well as things occurring more recently in today’s society such as Violence and Crime, Racism, Sexism and Social Stigmas. So, it is no surprise that this platform has been created as a way to reach and educate the masses on a wider scale and in a public, social manner. No blankets. No sugar-coating. (For more information about the BEBB project, please see the pictures included and / or check out the website.)

Anyone that actively follows Nissy’s journey or has seen her at any events will know that not only does she say some amazing things, she also loves positive affirmations, is an advocate for speaking things into existence and quotes some influential and esteemed figures. One of her favourite quotes?

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

 A quote we can all take note of.

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