“Mel-a-nin! Melanin, melanin!” If you aint heard this choon by now, seriously, what are you doing?! Our WCW this is week is the strong, melanated Queen – Shaé! (Or ShaésUniverse on socials). The 22yr old Nigerian songstress is making big waves on the scene and is very exciting to watch both live and her journey overall. She really ruffled peoples attention when she began dropping her #ShaéSundays on YouTube. Covering popular favourites such as Nao’s “Bad Blood” and Stormzy’s “Blinded By Your Grace” which saw him singing her praises on Twitter. Since then she has really been showing people who she is and what she is all about!

It is a surprise to some to learn that she has only been pursuing music as “Shaé” officially since 2016! But it is clear to see that she has loved singing from as young as I she can remember.

Curious as to where the “universe” part of her name derived from she expanded: “Shaé is just a nickname for Sharon, which is my birth name. However, ‘ShaesUniverse’ was created under the ideology that I, Shaé, behold a Universe; a realm of vulnerability and openness that I enter when I sing and I believe engages people. When I sing, I feel it’s less of a performance and more like an experience I’m sharing with listeners, inviting them into the universe that is Shaé.”

Dope! Such a well explained answer, it literally made me eager to discover more about this young woman!

I asked her why she makes the music that she does and where or who does she draw her inspiration from and her reply was, “I make music because it’s the way I express myself and my individuality. I also make music because I have a lot of positive messages to spread and I believe that music can be one of the most powerful vehicles in spreading them. I guess God is my first inspiration. I genuinely believe I got my gift of singing from God and reminding myself of that daily not only keeps me humble, but keeps me inspired. Next in line would be my family. One of my most important goals in life is to have my family living comfortably one day soon and this is because my family have always been very supportive of my ambitions, they inspire me daily. Lastly, I’m constantly being inspired by the random, simple things in life; from scenery in a park to seeing a couple having dinner to even an interesting shade of nail polish and of course all the people that show me love and support have kept me inspired and motivated throughout my journey.” So humble! A great outlook and attitude to have!

So it comes as no surprise as to why so many people, myself included, are keen to sit down and speak to her. Shaé has featured on many radio shows such as Radar Radio, Fubar Radio, Reprezent, Westside, BBC 1Xtra and Pulse88, podcasts like Blanguage Online and her most notable events include Culture Clash 2016, performing with Krept and Konan at Shepherds Bush Empire during their tour and recently opening for Etta Bond at The Curtain Hotel. As well as being talented and having a great aura about her, Shaé is also well educated in the field of American Theatre Arts having graduated with a Bachelors Degree in 2016. Congratulations! She explained, “I love acting just as much as I love singing but it’s quite demanding to pursue both of those professions at once, which is why I’m focusing on one at a time. However, in the future I would love to feature in films, West End plays /musicals and even incorporate acting into my singing artistry.” Anyone that has seen Shaé’s music videos will see that she has a very creative and multi-faceted imagination. Her concepts are intriguing and convey messages that both compliment and highlight her lyricism. As for the energy in her vids? Might be a result if the fact that she used to be an athlete! Hurdles and High Jump to be exact! Erm, tell me girl… is there anything you can’t do?!

Shaé’s 1st video release was a year ago and featured one of London’s most popular female rappers, Ms Banks. She followed it up 6 months later with “Melanin” and currently standing at 38k views on her YouTube channel is a big indicator that it is the most popular release so far. Staying true to messages of positivity and empowerment, Shaé dropped “Black Panther (In Due Time) last month. Inspired by the film, her own video is a simply shot but beautifully captured homage to being black and proud. She expressed “I think I’m most proud of my most recent single ‘Black Panther (In Due Time)’. It has actually gotten the least reception of all my releases but personally it’s my favourite because I felt the closest to my true, unfiltered self whilst writing it. In the near future, I will definitely be releasing an EP. I can’t say when exactly that will be but sooner rather than later. Off the back of that, I also intend to put on a headline show and even go on tour.”

Definitely looking forward to seeing what’s to come! As always, to wrap up, we end with a positive affirmation from our featured star… “In everything you do, try to do it with a clean heart. The impact of a clean heart seeps deep.”

Beautiful, like the young Queen herself! Shaé, a pleasure to have you as our WCW!

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Insta / Twitter: @shaesuniverse

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/shaesuniverse

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoA1uckZ5_0oCGW5iypF_-Q

Song Link: http://hyperurl.co/zzlxbg