A tough childhood, becoming a young mother, battling trolls and bullies, being widely recognised due to a popular online platform, creating not one but two successful movements – this woman is not one to back down and commands respect whilst showing love and encouraging positivity and good energies. These qualities make Sia our WCW!

Sia burst onto our screens last year as one of the few new faces to join the BKChat LDN cast. She quickly became a firm favourite with her strong but fair opinions, bright smile and great style. However, her experience was tainted by trolls that preferred to focus on her weight rather than her words. Why? Why be the dead ting that attempts to tear people down for banter? Sia herself spoke on her experiences in many episodes and also shared how she was actively choosing a healthier lifestyle whilst also creating “The Plus Lookbook” by way of shedding light on body images, acceptance and self-confidence. It is an Instagram page dedicated to sharing her weight loss journey as well as various looks and outfit outlets due to receiving many requests and questions regarding her style choices. Good for you girl!

Miss Sia also went on to develop the “Disgusted Campaign”. A movement designed to empower, uplift, inspire, include and motivate ALL! It’s slogan being “your difference is what makes you beautiful.” In December 2017, the campaign launched officially and the night was a major success! With male and female models of all shapes, sizes and skintones taking part in a catwalk throughout the show, to various live music acts to entertain the crowd and a panel of speakers sharing their experiences in each of their respective fields. It was rounded off by Sia sharing a video of her speaking her raw truth regarding her past experiences up until that point in her life. She then took to the mic where she addressed the crowd warmly, introduced the audience to her beautiful daughter (who she goes above and beyond for everyday), before finally giving a moving and heartfelt speech of what the Disgusted Campaign represents, who it is for and what she hopes to achieve going forward.

Earlier this year, the second Disgusted Campaign event (Date Night) was held and was once again… a great success! A night of light-hearted fun and speed-dating! Yes, really! Around 30 single men and women were seated amongst each other, given 2 random key questions and only 1 minute to pick each others brains before moving onto another table. For most, it was something they had never done before and despite a few nerves it was agreed to be a fun and memorable experience. Much like the first event, there were stalls present made up of different London based brands ranging from hair and beauty, bespoke confectionary tables to clothing for people to peruse in between speed-dating, live music acts and networking.

Sia‘s most recent effort to unite and network has come to light in the form of “The Future is Female”. A fortnightly event which will take place on Sunday’s for women only to share stories, truths, advice and experiences in a safe place.

Said by the lady herself: “Ladies… This one is for you. It’s about time we all met up (just us) and shared some stories, some love and some genuine advice. I believe a lot of us misunderstand people, misunderstand reactions to situations and our attitudes due to lack of knowledge. This right here will be a safe space to learn from older women and younger women the same. A chance to help another woman that may be going through what you went through. A chance to build a new friendship / relationship. No matter what, this is going to be epic because when women come together it is incredible what we can do!”

Sia… keep shining Queen! Everything you are doing is admirable and selfless. Tackling issues such as bullying, empowerment, stereotypes, social norms, stigmas, image and equality is no easy feat but most definitely needs to be confronted and dealt with in a sensitive and positive way and you are doing just that! Knowing Sia, she is absolutely plotting and planning her next moves in silence… all the best for future endeavours beautiful! It’s been a pleasure to have you as our WCW!

Anyone wanting to stay up-to-date on future events please follow and support Sia:

Insta / Twitter: @iammisssia / @thepluslookbook

@thedisgustedcampaign (just Insta)

Website: https://www.thedisgustedcampaign.com/