Miss Trillary Banks. Our WCW. Both beautiful and talented, she is setting bars high and kicking doors open. As a fellow Jamaican, when I first came across her, I was intrigued to say the least. I liked her patois sprinkled vibes and bold, strong and sexy aura. Guh deh gyal! As I write this on the train, I actually stop in Leicester. Ironic? Coincidence? Trillary grew-up in Leicester, East Midlands and she’s one of the very few female MC’s from the city but she has definitely made a name for herself across the whole of the Midlands and has now managed to light up the London scene as well. Holding her own as a rapper in a male dominated industry, she seems unfazed and even more determined to close the gap.

Trillary grew up around musical influences that led her from a young age into a musical direction.

“My Dad was a jungle DJ and most of the older boys around me used to rap so it’s something I grew-up around. When people got to a certain age people started to develop crews and gangs, and there were a few main ones from around my area. My brother was involved in one, before me, so I was just inspired by how I used to see them vibe with each other and rhyme with words.”

With other interests seeing her experiment with fashion, business, travel and entrepreneurship, her name today came about as she was experimenting with the branding of her clothing business. “So these times, I’m just putting things on shirts, like ‘Trill’, ‘Trillionaire’ and ‘Trilluminati’. I was getting bored of my name at the time, which was ‘Pinky Go Getta’, so ‘Trillary’ came about and it just made sense.” Trillary currently has a clothing line, EnTrapreneurUK and the look-book can be found on Instagram with t-shirts and hats baring the slogan “Trxll Gvng”.

Going back to being a female rapper in the UK and in such a male led scene, Trillary has spoken on numerous occasions to various platforms such as Complex Mag and Naveena KB about her experiences so far… “It’s difficult, especially contacting people Link Up TV, they’re cool, they talk to me but as far as anyone else, it’s hard to get a response from them. When you come from a smaller city, it’s difficult to access the media side and just to get people to help you get your material out there, that’s been difficult for me. It’s definitely not equal. You’ve got SB.TV, GRM Daily, Link Up TV– all men behind these channels. It could be equal if a female created a channel so I’m not always hollering males regarding uploads, I’m hollering at a female as well, that would be a good way. People in the industry need to start giving females more props, and creating more angles for them, for shows, headlining shows, pushing visuals out there, maybe be more welcoming for females to submit their stuff and just be more accepting of the whole craft really. I feel like it’s not very equal at all, as a female and any other female artist would be able to tell you about the struggles that we face, that men in the scene won’t have to go through.”

Trillary Banks was the first artist from Leicester to be featured on Tim Westwood’s Crib Sessions, which is a pretty big deal. Westwood has been dropping crib sessions since 2013.

As we are all aware, Trillary has been active with her singles and music videos, radio interviews and performances so it is fair to wonder when we can expect a full body of work from this go-getter.

“Right now, I’m just having fun with it and dropping singles. But I’m pretty sure by the end of the year, I’ll be itching to drop a project. Title-wise, I think I’m gonna go with ‘Vote for Trillary’.”

Say no more…



Twitter: @TrillaryBanks6

Instagram: TrillaryOfficial / @EnTrapreneurUK (clothing page)

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Pinky1Minaj

Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/trillarybanks

Upcoming Show: